Monday, September 8, 2008

OS X for Hackers at Heart: The Apple of Every Hacker's Eye

By Bruce Potter, Johnny Long, Ken Caruso, Chris Hurley, Tom Owad

With sexy hardware, a powerful operating system, and easy-to-use applications, Apple has made OS X the operating system of choice for hackers everywhere. But as great as OS X is out of the box, hackers are eager to push the limits of what it was designed to do (surprise). Tweak and tune both software and hardware to start penetration testing or software development. See how the best and brightest use OS X for cutting-edge research, development, and just plain fooling around.
  • Add Interfaces to the Mac Add interfaces to create a multi-interface firewall or router, simulate a switch, add 802.3ad interface aggregation, or provide another media type.
  • Use the Mac as a Router See how a small low-power device such as a Mac Mini or an iBook expanded with USB-based Ethernet ports can push packets between networks.
  • WarDrive with Your Mac Configure and use the KisMAC WLAN discovery tool to WarDrive.
  • Penetration Test with OS X Discover how all the best tools can be run from the Mac: nmap, Nessus, Ethereal, Snort, and more.
  • Automate Your Mac! Learn how to use Automator, AppleScript, and the bash shell to automate tasks and create slick front ends for command-line favorites!
  • Discover Juicy Mac Hacking Tools Compile Open Source tools directly on OS X using mainstream compilers and interpreters.
  • Hack the iPod Open your iPod, replace the battery, upgrade a 5GB iPod's hard drive, and configure any iPod for Mac or Windows.
  • Use OS X in a Windows Environment Access file shares on a Windows server, mount network file systems via AppleScript, and connect to a Windows PPTP server.
  • PowerBook Mac TricksLearn cool stunts you can do with the Apple motion sensor, the Apple Remote Desktop, Gestures, Sogudi, and more!